Kitchen Cabinet Chalk Paint Makeover

I firmly believe in making the best of what you have.
What I have is a very small kitchen.
But after a few weeks of elbow grease, about $25, and a pint of chalkboard paint,
I can finally say loud and proud:

I love you, little kitchen.

So, here it is…..our kitchen today:
Not only did the cabinets get a fresh coat of paint on the outside, but they also got their insidesmade over, too!!

Just so you know what a HUGE improvement this is, take a look at what these awful 1970′s cabinets looked like just a few weeks ago:


But not anymore!! Let’s take a closer look at what I did to spruce up these old cabinets…

I primed and painted the interiors of all the cabinets,

and then painted the inside of each door with black chalkboard paint

then added a few fun ways to organize cabinet contents (like this $1 Goodwill crystal bowl that I put my spices in! SCORE!)

and I labeled each cabinet with whatever I felt like saying.

Some made sense. Some…

Although, I gotta be honest…

I kinda love this one. A LOT.

 I nearly put ‘junk’ on this door, but ultimately decided to keep it classy.
I also gave my silverware a happy home

In their newly painted french blue organizer. See more of that HERE.
 and of course, I had to spruce up this lil’ guy….(details here)
 and I found a shiny new chandelier to replace the boob light this kitchen
was formerly cursed with. Craigslist. $15. BAM.
Oh, and here is the cookware/bakeware cabinet. This was the UGLIEST cabinet before I painted it.

See? I speak the truth.
I also got to enjoy contorting my body into a fruit-rollup in order to reach the
4 feet of hidden space that continues on beyond where the eye can see.
  and here is another one of my favorite parts of the mini kitchen makeover. The ‘bar area’.

I love the unique tile. I hate the color. Totally outdated, and not flowin’ with my color scheme, DUDE.
(oh, and ignore the dining room…’tis under construction!)

So, I painted it.
Like I do everything else.
(and I won’t stop. You can’t make meeeeeeee!!!)
And it totally worked. It literally looks like it was made to be blue. Even the husband approves. I just used normal Behr interior paint and then put 2 layers of poly over it for durability.

And then I added a chalkboard trim around the bar (P.S. those awesome chairs are another Goodwill find. Originally $5 each and dark brown. Just painted ‘em white, and voila!!)
 Added a few botanical prints in white matted frames that I had in another room. (above)
 I love it.

love it. 

Love. IT.
A little pop of blue with a fun dishtowel. (Target, $2.50)
 a big white vase on a floating shelf (usually has flowers in it, but I forgot! Oopsie!)

 and it all just comes together…..

I finally feel like I have a kitchen that I am excited to cook in!
What’s the favorite thing you’ve done lately to put a little personality into your kitchen?
I’d love to hear from you with your ideas!
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Thanks for stopping by!!
- Virginia

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