Thrift Store Chair Makeover

Let’s talk birthdays. For most girls, a birthday involves getting a snazzy new outfit or maybe a trip to the spa. But no, oh no, not me. I get chairs from thrift stores.
Oh, and by the way, to me, a new very old chair is like a little piece of heaven.
And my momma knows this. (The momma was the bearer of this awesome gift.)
Now, when most people see a chair this uggggly, they don’t get inspired to do the running man. (Don’t judge. The running man is my way of expressing pure joy.)
See running-man chair below.
So, why on earth was I so joyful? Well, because in my head I could see how awesome it would be after a little elbow grease. And low and behold…..I was right!
See running man chair AFTER about 4  hours of sweaty tears. (No blood, sweat, and tears. Just sweaty tears.)
Now, I could be wrong, but I think this chair went for around $50 in it’s original form. BUT, since it was a very unusual yet perfect birthday gift, It only cost me about $15 when all was said and done. $15 = a $2 can of white spray paint and $10 in upholstery fabric. BAM! Wait. Did I get the math wrong on that? I never claimed to be the kid from Jerry Maguire.
When I got the chair, I knew it would go perfect in my master bedroom as a desk chair.
So, how’d I get this lovely lady to be so beautiful? Biore Pore Strips.
I’m totally kidding.
I’ll tell you the short version. 
I took it outside, primed it, and then spray painted it white.
Then I took all of the fabric off the chair with a pair of scissors and laid the pieces out flat.
I used the old pieces of fabric as my templates for the new fabric. Once I cut my new fabric to match each piece, I used a heavy duty staple gun and glue gun to secure the bottom piece, top piece, and back piece.
As you can see below, the seat cushion is one big piece, just wrapped around the edges and stapled underneath. For the part around the legs, I simple cut the fabric close to the edge and tucked under and stapled. I knew I was going to use upholstery trim around all of the edges so I wasn’t worried about any imperfections. The trim covers it up!
I did the same thing with the one big piece on the front of the backrest cushion. I just wrapped and stapled the fabric to the back.
Then, I used my last piece as a back panel and just stapled and glued it over everything. Do this last so that it covers up where you stapled the front piece of the cushion on.
I also decided to use the upholstery trim along every single seam.
I’ve never done that before, but I love the way it turned out. It feels almost nautical!
So what do you think? Not bad for $15, right?!
I think she will be absolutely perfect for the bedroom office!

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