Messy Moms

At Creative Home, as our name implies, we are all about the magic of creating. Of course, magic is rarely made without a little mess, right? When we found this quotable on Pinterest, we just had to share it with you. It’s too perfect.




What about you? Is your life messy? If you say no, we may cry. Full disclosure– Around here, we’re the kind of people who cry with utter despair every SINGLE time a chewing gum wrapper gets laundered in the pocket of our favorite slacks. Don’t judge. You know all of those tiny fragments of paper are so persistent and there is only so much lint-rolling one person can take! ;)

Where were we? Oh, right. The frustration that surrounds making a mess. It’s time we turn this attitude of self-defeat around. We all need to give ourselves a little more grace. No matter how hard we try to prepare or craft a plan, life gets messy. Accidents happen. And you know what, it’s okay!

Our friend Ashley over at Domestic Imperfection tells a HILARIOUS story of how she spilled motor oil– Yes. MOTOR OIL– on her carpet. It’s one of our favorite mess-maker stories ever… plus, the story ends happily ever after on Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet. Check it out. If you need a good laugh, this is the story for you.