New Flooring for a Worthy Cause

I am fortunate enough to be included in an amazing non profit organization this Spring called Room Service Atlanta.  With RSA, we are taking over two homes at the United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur, GA.  These homes provide Independent Living quarters for under privileged teens & young adults… however the current accommodations are less than inspiring if we are being polite.

Luckily, along with Room Service Atlanta, each designer is taking over a dorm & transforming it into whatever they want!  Oh the plans I have!!  Obviously there will be a tremendous amount of painting going on here.  We are talking walls, trim, doors, cabinets, everything!  I was also planning on painting the floor to make some improvement on the old and institutional feel of the commercial vinyl composite tile but was thrilled (beyond thrilled really!) when Mohawk decided to donate Hardwood Laminate Planks for the space!!! Now that is a game changer!

Bye Bye VCT!!! & Good riddance.

Fortunately, since my Husband & I will be doing all of the flooring installation ourselves, the laminate flooring is a no-glue product that simply clicks into place with their UniClic technology.  Even better… it can be installed over the existing floor!!! Woot!  Next came the hard part… selecting which one to install.

We headed down to Atlanta’s latest & greatest Flooring Showroom, Buliders Floorcovering & Tile to make my selections & boy was I impressed with this store!  So many options for all of your flooring needs.  But I needed to focus… Laminate.

For a Designer, fabric, furniture & flooring showrooms are like candy stores.  You know what flavor you want going in, but then you see all the other varieties.  Decisions. Decisions.

Also, laminate has come a very long way in the aesthetics department.  A few years back, laminate wood planks looked like a flat printed copy of a piece of wood that was simply duplicated over & over again.  Not anymore ladies & gentlemen, these beauties are convincing!

Check out this hand scraped texture people!

 Unfortunately for me, this made my decision that much harder.  They were all gorgeous!  I intended on selecting a rich looking dark stained version.  Something along the lines  of  the top version in the image below…

But then I saw this one & that was it.  No more shopping.  Decision made.

Plus it was already a Designer’s Choice… so check!

The Bayview in Nutmeg Chestnut is a gorgeous grayish brown shade that is not only a great new color choice, but the perfect backdrop for my new space.  I am going for an eclectic gathered over time feel that is uber fun & flirty, so this will literally be the icing on the cake.

I’ll be sharing the whole experience here at Creative Home over the next few weeks, including the self installation process (gotta be honest… I am a little nervous about that!) & the final outcome.  So be sure to stay tuned!!

xo-Kristin | The Hunted Interior


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