St. Patrick’s Day Entertaining Must-Haves

Hey party people!

St. Patty’s Day is right around ye ole corner (the Irish say “ye,” right?) and if you’re planning on doing any kind of entertaining, here are a couple of items that would help.

This rubber stamp is only $5.50 at Paper Source, but the uses are priceless (well…maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration). Here are some ways you can use it:.

  • Spruce up your seating cards or menu labels. Take regular white card-stock and just stamp it up in one corner.
  • Give an Irish touch to regular white napkins.
  • Stamp a clover on white card-stock, punch a hole at either end and stick a straw through it for a fun & festive touch.
  • Use it to create DIY napkin rings/holders, using scrapbook or card-stock paper.
  • Using fabric paint, turn a plain jane tablecloth or cloth napkins into a St. Patty’s Day table highlight.


See…for just a little over $5 and some card-stock, you can create a whole St. Patrick’s Day experience.


Of course, you will need something to chug your green beer or root beer. How about these dapper-looking glasses?

Aren’t those handsome? The only suggestion I have for these is: pour and drink.

Cheers to you and your St. Patty’s Day celebrations!

Party On!

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  1. Jordan says:

    Hey Heidi! I’m loving the idea of the 4 leaf clover stamp on menu’s. It’d also be cute for a handmade card; “Wishing you some luck today!” or something silly like that.