I am in the Mood for Color

Spring is almost here, & I know I am anxiously anticipating its arrival.  The warmer weather, the cool breezes, the flowers blooming… these are all reasons why I consider Spring my favorite season.  After the cool dreary winter months, I long for the introduction of color back into nature, & I also like bringing those colors into interiors to help reinforce the gifts of good old Mother Earth.  You know she has a sense of style when creating natural color infused beauties such as these…

image via Once Wed

I love infusing color into every space I create & am inspired by colors daily.  Whether it comes from flowers, agates or produce I must admit it usually comes from nature.  Here are a few ideas that you can use to incorporate color into your spaces too!

image via Fancy House Road

By adding patterns filled with colors onto the window seat & painting classic wood chairs into individual coordinating colors, this neutral space becomes a lively dining nook.

image via Lindsey Coral Harper

The bright blue dresser is complimented perfectly with the floral photography in hues of pinks & yellows.  The white lamp & black walls help to ground this look.  My best tip for incorporating color into any space is to let it have neutral accents surrounding it.

image via Pinecone Camp

Again, lots of neutrals are taken to the next level by simply adding a punchy pink to the lower half of the walls.  This simple treatment is accomplished by taping off half of the space – resulting in a very dramatic & youthful feel.  Brightly colored accessories finish off this playful office space that is sure to inspire.

image via Martha Stewart

Not to be left out, this bathroom takes color to the next level with these custom shower curtains, playful towels & colorful artwork.  This treatment could be easily accomplished by buying pre-made shower curtains & simply sewing bands of the different colors together.

image via Just.Pure.Lovely

A pop of color is most easily obtained by the addition of pillows.  I find that I keep a collection of additional pillow covers that I can slip on when the mood strikes.   is by far my favorite resource for quality pillow covers in any pattern or price range you are looking for.  It is much easier to store folded pillow covers instead of full size throw pillows.


image via My Home Ideas

Don’t forget, color can be brought in a space with your light fixtures as well.  This clean white closet is upgraded by the addition of this gorgeous turquoise blue chandelier.  The reflection that is shown from the floor mirror just reinforces the fixtures color & beauty.


What about you?  Are you ready for Spring?  Or the more important question… Are you ready for COLOR!?!


xo- Kristin | The Hunted Interior


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  1. Beans524 says:

    Love them all! I love letting in light. I especially like the colorful chairs and window seat, ahhh.

  2. Amanda says:

    Love this post, Kristin. I love color. A couple years ago I spent several weeks in India, and the first thing I thought when I returned home was goodness everything is so bland. We promptly went out and bought some bright turquoise paint for our kitchen. I love saturated color, and am glad we are all embracing it more.

  3. Rachel says:

    What a great post! I am SO ready for spring, and I have always been someone who craves color. Now, where can I buy that fabulous blue chandelier? :)

  4. Jordan says:

    Hi Kristin! I am loving all of this color! Now that I know where to get pillow covers, my living room will get a brand new look with every changing season. Well, that’s my goal at least… I still have Christmas decorations up in the kitchen…so we’ll see how often I really get around to redecorating. One can dream though!

  5. The first image alone was enough to get me color juices flowing! I’m always ready for color and so fortunate to work with clients who love color as well. Hard to believe it’s already the first of March, but come on Spring!