Bringing the Outdoors In

I am a big fan of bringing the outdoors in & think natural elements should be incorporated into every space.  Whether it’s real or a good faux (not those bad fake flowers & trees… you know what I am talking about!) Flowers, Trees, Branches all bring about a natural feel that adds a layer of comfort & familiarity into the space.

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A few of my favorite ways to bring the outdoors in are utilizing the following elements:

Plants & Flowers…

This is a quick and easy solution to instantly add some life into any space.  A simple addition of fresh flowers will brighten anyone’s mood.

 Simple blooming branches always say Spring to me & are readily available in good faux form from stores such as Pier 1, Z Gallerie & even Target.

The hottest botanical trend this season has to be the Fiddle Leaf Fig.  These gorgeous tropical trees provide a beautiful shade of green to any room.  The trees work well in sunlight & can be a little fickle, but once you find the right spot, they are one happy plant.  They can be picked up anywhere from your local nursery, the Home Depot & even Ikea in smaller sizes.  My favorite planters for these are chunky baskets or large terracotta pots with a little age to them.

 Floral Accents…

Whether in a fabric or wallpaper a floral pattern can easily add new life to your space.  These can go from subtle to bold and can completely transform any look.

The simple addition of a bold floral pillow adds a layer of softness against the classic stripe.

While muted in color, this floral settee still brings an element of nature to this sitting area.

 Again, this grey & white foliage print on the sofa is livable due to the scale of the pattern.

This room (along with a few of the others) also have a few other tricks for bringing the outdoors in…

  • Incorporating natural textures such as sisal, wicker, etc all denote the feeling of a cool spring night.
  • Trellis patterns are an obvious pairing with any floral as they would naturally appear in any garden with the flowers growing up their graphic frames.
  • Framed Botanical Prints are always classic & seem to be everywhere at the moment.  My favorite trick is finding a great botanical book & cutting out the pages to frame myself.  You usually get more bang for your buck that way!
What are your favorite ways to bring the outdoors in?!
xo-Kristin | The Hunted Interior



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  1. Lolly Jane says:

    Those yellow chairs are gorgeous- such a pretty post!! I love to see all the options this time of year to help bring the outdoors in (:

  2. Rachel says:

    Love those small white vases with the single flower in them. Such a simple touch makes a real statement as a table centerpiece. The weather in my town was super gloomy today. Thanks for reminding me that spring is surely coming soon!