Send Help! I’m Drowning in Toys…

If you have kids then I’m sure you can relate. We are entering the holiday season, which means that decorations are being put out. Family and friends have brought us wonderful gifts for our children, and all the sudden it looks like my house was invaded with toys. It’s hard to keep up. Another thing is how to keep toys separated so babies don’t end up with little pieces they shouldn’t play  with yet.

Full Discloser::Pictures were taken at my in-laws

Needs also change as kids grow up {Don’t they grown up so quickly} , and what was a house for stuffed animals now needs to hold Legos. I’m going to get a grip on this and I think chalkboard paint might be the key!

This idea was inspiration for me

Made by Shawn Ledington Fink


6 Easy Steps to Making Custom Chalkboard Bins

1. Assemble the parts: chalkboard spray paint, painters tape, ruler, right angle, plastic/wood/cardboard/metal bin, pencil

Tools for Black Board Paint Toy Bins

2. Mark out where you’d like the label to be. In this case I wanted to use a rectangle.  I measured in from the sides, top and bottom and used the right angle triangle to mark square corners.

3. Use painters tape to connect the dots and form your square

Painters Tape is perfect as a stencil

4. Cover area that you don’t want to be painted with old plastic bags to protect from overspray(it’s a great way to recycle old shopping bags too)

Great way to recycle plastic bags

5. Paint in open area. I found I needed 2 coats of the spray paint for even coverage. (sorry I missed the picture of the painted space before I removed the tape — I was too excited to see how it turned out)

6. Allow to dry and remove all tape and plastic.

Completed Custom Caulk Board Paint Bin

I love how these bins grow with your family. They also have “legs” as we say in marketing to other areas of your home. Using a neutral color allows lots of flexibility in where the bin ends up.  I can see them being used to sort clothes, organize your shoes, pantry etc. My first goal is to make enough to help tame all the toys that are overtaking my house.

How do you keep your house organized? Do you like using labels too?

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